14 March 2014

Proposed new agreement for internetting

So when I read blogs, sometimes I notice things. Like not usually misspelling things, because I think the squiggly red line takes care of that for all of us, but grammar things, or the same word twice in a row things, or whatever. THINGS.
If I know the person well, I'm like, Yo. I know you know the difference between their and there but you stuck the wrong thing in up they're and I think you should fix it*.
If I am PRETTY SURE I know the TYPE of person, like from reading their blog for ages or for whatever, then I will usually message them with same, but there is lots of internal HEMMING AND HAWING beforehand like, do they want to know? Do they think I'm a persnickety bitch? Is there a way to convey this so it's like, totally clear that *I* am fine with this meaningless grammar error and I am REALLY only sharing this information because I genuinely think THEY might want to know?
And then we have the class of people whom I know really not at all, and I'm like...no. Not going to be that type of dick today. Won't share.

But here's the thing.

Even if you don't know me AT ALL, I really want you to TELL me when shit like that is fucked up! I want to KNOW! Tell me! So I can fix it! It's so easy to fix!

And I'm starting to suspect that most of us feel that way.

So can we all like, agree to some new standards insofar as internet writing is concerned? Because I swear to you I know the difference between write and right but sometimes my typing fingers are going faster than my thinking brain and I just miss it but I WANT TO KNOW. Don't you want to know?

*See what I did their? HAHAAAA I crack myself up.

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