21 March 2014

Key observations, makeup zest, camp anxiety

As part of actually blogging again, I've been trolling my own archives.
Key observations:
1. Everything has changed.
2. Nothing has changed.
I'm feeling new zest about makeup and skincare experimentation. I always feel at least some zest on these topics, but there's quite a range up there at the top between regular zest and lots of zest. I'm in high zest mode, just now.

This past fall I went on a drugstore mascara rampage. I basically bought all of the kinds that they make and sell, and tried them all, and posted a bunch of strange pictures of my eyes on Instagram by way of review. If you're wondering, and if you like the same TYPE of mascara as I do, the hands down very best DRUG STORE VARIETAL is the L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes Excess (red bottle). It's a bit wet, in case you find mascara wetness to be offputting. Also, I have expensive mascaras I perhaps like better (Benefit They're Real is probably my true favorite) but this L'Oreal one is MUCH cheaper and only a tiny sliver of a shade not as good. Recommend! If you are into mascaras. You might not be! I don't know your life!

One of my favorite 'drugstore hunt' products are the Revlon ColorBurst Balm Stain crayon things. They are OFTEN either out of stock or tampered with, so I have a policy of buying them as a I see them, even when the colors are not my usual. If you're wondering, Honey is the color that universally looks like magic on all lips, the matte colors are super fun (and matte), and the lacquer ones are sparkled, and fun. I enjoy collecting them.
I'm still trying to fill the following cosmetics holes in my heart: general skincare SYSTEM, 'full face' foundation and blush, summer shade of foundation that doesn't look too masky (I freckle pretty heavily in the summer).
I'm taking Gabriel camping this summer for the first time...ever. I mean, he has been camping before, and I have been camping before, but we haven't together been camping.
For one thing, I haven't been camping since my very early 20s. For another, camping with kids just sounds like a complete pain in the ass.
Counterbalance, I have super fond memories of childhood camping, even if I was a complete pain in the ass.
So I'm taking him, but not until like, June, but despite that I'm already FRETTING because camping just involves so much GETTING READY to ultimately...sleep outside. Anyways. Camp anxiety!


  1. Ah. Okay it works.
    I was going to say there really IS a lot of prep work that goes into planning for camping when it's just... let's go sleep outside.