28 January 2014

MotoX vs 4S - I hate everything

So I got a MotoX before Christmas (disclosure! It was free!).
Prior to that I had an iPhone 4S.
The switch….has just made me hate both phones.

Some pros and cons, if you’ll join me:

Things that are better about the MotoX as compared to the iPhone 4S:
It’s way way way way way way way way way faster, in every way that a phone can be faster.
I like the touch screen better. Like...it's more responsive?
All of my google things (email, calendar, etc.) are easier to sync and whatever.
It’s pretty (like the outside actual phone).
I like swype a lot.

Things that are (in my opinion) vastly better about the iPhone:
The camera takes WAY better pictures than the bizarrely crappy ones the MotoX takes. I dunno why. The MotoX one is perfectly high megapixel or whatever. But it does. The camera is crappy. And I care A LOT about the camera quality on my smartphone.
Stop trying to bully me into having a Google+ account! I don’t WANT one! Leave me alone!
Texting is clunky.
Group messaging is not as intuitive.
I often just DO NOT RECEIVE texts sent to me from iPhones.
The emoticons looks like horrible melted monsters so I never want to use them. But then people send them to me and they are, as I said, HORRIFIC, and also, even if I did want to send you a melted smiley face with smeared lipstick, I can only do it as a text. The emoji keyboard is not accessible from any apps.
My computer is a Mac, so it’s hard to sync it to my STUFF, and it’s annoying to put my music on it, and etc.
I haven’t actually tried, but idle poking around on the internet seems to be telling me that rooting a droid is significantly more complicated and more risky than jailbreaking an iPhone. I was thinking maybe I could solve some of my problems by rooting it, but I have no interest in bricking it.
I just don't prefer android to iOS. I came into it with an open mind, but I don't.

Anyhow! I don’t like my new phone!
But the things that are better (speed, processing, actually having 4GLTE instead of 3G) are SO MUCH better that neither can I happily go back to my 4S.

So I think what I need is an iPhone 5S.
Except! Sidebar!
I have unlimited data on my cellphone plan, which Verizon is trying to disappear from its offerings, so you can’t upgrade your phone without losing your data. Except…my unlimited data is cheaper than the LEAST amount of data you can get on their current plans (2GB for $30/month) so….why? Would I want to do that?
So I think I’m just going to buy a new phone at cost because I don’t like either phone that I have and whatever.
This has been a review.
As you were.

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