10 October 2013

Complaints about nothing, some unrelated photos, I have two adorable baby nieces

I've just been IMPOSSIBLY tired lately.
And cranky.
Also impossibly cranky
Pretty sure it's some nefarious combination of:
  • waking up when there are still stars in the sky and not getting home until it's dark again
  • maybe I should start taking a multivitamin
  • lack of exercise
  • who the hell knows? Sometimes I get cranky

Whatever, I don't even have anything going ON right now. Like, I'm here, trying to complain at you, and I'm flipping through my normal complaints about humanity and my life and the world and specific people who irritate me and I'm coming up with nothing.  Can I complain about not yet being able to formulate a complaint?
I think I would like to to that.
Nothing is WRONG, but I feel grumpy, and I would like to turn that outwards.
Please and thank you.

If one is going to take pictures at 2am in Watsonville, this tow truck is one of my favorite spots to do it.


How little can one blog while continuing to self-identify as a blogger?

The weather has been stunning lately. This is the beach. In Santa Cruz. In October. Beautiful.

I have always thought of myself as someone who has normal, human-sized hands, and a regular person sized face. Do we....no longer make smartphones proportioned for human hands and faces?
I'm more or less accustomed to the size of my iPhone, even though I know I thought it was oversized when I got it.
But poking around and browsing for new phones it seems like they're all even BIGGER than that now and what the hell?
Is there a phone out there that is the size of a phone and not the size of my head? I'd like a normal phone-sized phone proportioned for regular human people and not creepy giants.

I don't hate my iPhone or anything, but I'm not one of those diehard never-go-back apple-ites, either. 
I have two delightful nieces. Are you not delighted? They delight me.
I bought this iPhone case and I don't have one single regret.
My niece though! Can you even stand it??

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