16 September 2013

My problems aren't even interesting to ME

- I finally passed my CPA exams!
I knocked out my ethics exam this weekend (a state requirement).
Woo hoo!
Now...I can't figure out what charge code (boring time/expense tracking ish) to use to get my firm to reimburse me, and no one seems to know. I'm sure it's just a matter of hunting down the appropriate HR contact, and emailing them, but....are we not an accounting firm? Surely I'm not the only person taking these exams. SURELY THIS HAS COME UP BEFORE. How about a link, guys?

- Privatized my twitter and instagram. Misuse of the word 'privatize' 100% intentional. Reasons are boring but at this time necessary, drama belongs entirely to someone else, blah blah la dee dah bloop de bloop et cetera.

- I can't find anyone to clean my house. Well I mean, I'm sure I COULD. How about this: through extremely minimal exertion of effort, no one has magically appeared who wants to clean my house for money.
I want to pay someone to clean my house. Someone whose job it is to get paid for for cleaning houses. My problems are as follows:
  1. How do you find the right STRANGER to let INTO YOUR HOME to TOUCH YOUR THINGS? I would prefer a referral from a friend who already has a non-stranger stranger doing this for his or her household, but my outreach in that regard hasn't turned up any good results.
  2. Okay, so I need to find my own stranger. Do I use...craigslist? Oh but they all only list phone numbers? So I have to....make initial contact by telephone? I don't do phone. I do not CARE for the telephone.
  3. Uhm. So if I'm going to call this person....what....do I say? 
  4. I did manage to call exactly one (1) person. That person offered, via telephone, to help me organize my life. No, no, my friend. That is not what I want. What I want is someone to scrub my toilets and mop my floors and never-you-mind about my coat closet or whether or not I really NEED all that stuff in my storage area. No thank you.
  5. Based on Problem Number 4, I have been unsuccessful in working up the will to call a second person. 
- I have two rooms in my house that stress me out. One is a loft, the other is a weird former-loft-converted-to-walled-in-room-but-still-strange...Room. The first is empty, the second is strewn with Gabriel's toys in a rather depressing fashion.
For the loft, I dunno. It's at least clean, so I suppose I can continue to ignore it. Except I feel that I should DO something with it. Wasted space! Oh the humanity!
The other room (Gabriel's 'play room' I suppose), needs help. The problem is that it follows the roof lines so there aren't WALLS (it just goes into little triangles, I know there's a word for this but I don't know what it is).  So...furniture doesn't seem to fit properly. Of the two actual, non atticky WALLS, one is dominated by a window, and the other is dominated by a staircase. I don't....I don't know how to furnish this...area.  I need storage, and I need lighting, and I'd like to put a bed up there as well. But...How??? I need someone to come in and tell me exactly what to buy and where to put it and how to make it WORK. I need like, a household stylist.
Also, is there a way to add lighting to a kitchen that doesn't involve installing light fixtures, and also doesn't look weird in a kitchen? Counter space is at a bit of a premium.