23 January 2013

2013 Wishes

I hesitate to call these resolutions, as some of them have nothing to do with me or my behavior, but here are some wishes I have for 2013.

- I hope that 2013 is the year that I actually stop hearing from that-ex-who-gets-creepier-every-time-he-contacts-me-or-leaves-things-for-me-on-my-doorstep. I have reasonable hopes for this one, as he doesn't know where I live anymore, and I think he's finally blocked across all avenues of communication.

- I really really really want the 49ers to win the Super Bowl.

- CPA license? I have one more exam to pass, and assuming I do, I can send all my paperwork into the state in August. Let's assume that I do. That's a hope. I hope that I do. Assume nothing!

- Let's make passing that fourth CPA exam an official wish/resolution.

- Finish knitting the hat I started before busy season started, make a non-hat garment (could be for myself or someone else).

- Go on vacation.

- Live through busy season.

- Return this pair of shoes to Zappos before the 365 day expiration date on my ability to do that.

- Hang the rest of my curtains.

- Put up this extremely pain in the ass and messy looking window film stuff that I bought.

- Finish painting my half-painted bathroom.

- Take some pictures (I'm not going to hem myself in with a QUANTITY GOAL) with my Real Actual Camera.

- Finish the tattoo I started 4 or 5 or god knows how many years ago (I actually have an appointment to do so, making this goal pretty attainable).

- Try to be less standoffish with and mean to boys.

- However, also: Maybe punch the next douchebag I meet right in the crotch.

- Put some pictures on my walls.

- Fix my broken shoe rack.

- This is really turning into more of a house To Do List, isn't it?

- But this feels like stuff that will LIKELY take me all year to get to.

- I still have boxes that I need to unpack, you know.

- Unpack the rest of my boxes!

- Organize Gabriel's room situation (he has a room SITUATION).

- Pay more attention to my cat.

- Get some sleep.

- See my friends.

- This got boring.

- I think I'm going to hit publish now.