20 December 2012

Wintry Things

Last day before winter break!
Gabriel's last day of school is today.
I think it's a little bit cruel that he doesn't have a holiday concert of some kind for me to attend. Is first grade not still a grade of felt elf hats and O, Christmas Tree?
I don't go back to work until January 2nd.
I have lots of errands to run. Post offices and wrapping papers and groceries to buy.
Someday I will finish painting my bathroom. I started when I moved in September. It has been taped and primed with the outlet covers removed....since then.  It is such a SMALL room. You would think, wouldn't you?
This is Gabriel's first ever Christmas at his dad's.  My biggest source of sadface on this one is the fact that I don't get to do Gabriel's stocking. It's my FAVORITE part of kid gifting.
It has been terribly, terribly cold this week. I know that other people who live in other parts of the country or world will roll their eyes at me, but it has been LITERALLY freezing (it was in the high 20s (20s!!!!!) when I woke up before the sun this morning, and I'm sorry, but I live in Coastal California. Our temperature range is 60 - 80, year round. I DID NOT SIGN ON FOR THIS. And. Also. Our homes are not BUILT FOR THIS.
MY WARDROBE is not built for this.
Maybe in Chicago your 6-year-old has a cozy winter coat and you have a powerful furnace system but I live on the Monterey Bay. I have none of those things.
We are simply not prepared.