10 July 2012

Finish grad school, go to Vegas

Friday was our last day of class.
So I drank beer during lecture, obviously.
Drinking in class
I see nothing wrong with this.
Krystal had some too, but it made her sleepy.
Sleeping in class
Then we went to the airport, where we drank at the bar until it was time to go.
Took a cab to the casino.
Ate (?)
Briya and Julia arrived.
Got to room.
Went out Friday.
Getting ready took awhile.
Did we have dinner?
Me and Jessica
Bugging Jessica while she tries to do her hair.
We're staying somewhere in there
The view from the club we were at. We're staying somewhere in the pyramid.
I carded anyone and everyone who tried to talk to us.
You think my friend is pretty?
Let's see some ID.
I'm photogenic
I'm a very pretty girl, guys.
We had to take lots of rests and remain constantly intoxicated in order to not die of hangover.
This is at one of our many fried meals.
Seriously butter make everything better.
Table Nap
Jessica taking a mid-meal rest.
After we ate I went to the pool with Briya, while the other girls sought out bedrooms.
Then Julia asked us where we were at and I texted her the following:
Just coming back from poop with Briya.
Not poop or poll.
Saturday, post-pool
We went to the pool, and then we took a rest.
Hot tub time machine
Our suite had a jacuzzi tub, which proved excellent for hangover rejuvenation.
Saturday Night
The lighting in our room was terrible but I promised we all prettied up quite nicely.
Saturday night
Obligatory photo of assets.
Too much makeup
Awkward self portraiture
Sunday hangover brunch
I don't care if you give me a martini glass, I will drink with a straw.
Sunday Poolside
Sunday poolside, where we spent hours.
Sunday Poolside
Krystal and Jess, looking all good in their bikinis.
Deep fried mac in cheese
Deep fried mac n cheese exists. And it is delicious.
Sunday Night
Sunday night, actually Monday morning, probably 4:30 am, post-club, in the casino bathroom, which p.s. has a sharps container? That's weird, right?
Death by airport
Then we almost died of hangover at the airport.
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