26 June 2012

What I've been wearing lately. In case you care which surely you....might?

Lots of this I'm sure you've seen before, because it's mostly not new.
And I post these pics on instagram for the most part, so you might have seen them recently!
But I've been feeling pretty good about my body and been into my closet lately.
Which is good!
I use an iPhone app to diptych my pics.
Wearing 47 different shades of blue and a bucket of sunscreen. Taking Gabriel roller skating today, possibly followed by pool time at my sister's. If he ever cleans his room.
Target t-shirt (the laughably named 'boyfriend tee" over an Old Navy cami. Seven capris. Not the expensive Sevens, the big box retailer Sevens.  I believe I got these ones at Marshall's though.
Dinner at my grandma's?
Dress from Anthropologie. Spendy but I regret it not one bit. Shoes from Old Navy. Bangles from thrift stores whenever I see them. My sister thinks this dress is skanky. FIE ON HER I SAY.
Definitely doing a red shoes thing this week. Pockets! Target dress, shoes and cardi from Marshall's.
Dress is from Target. Shoes and cardigan are both from Marshall's.  Necklace is from my mother's jewelry box.
Don't you dare tell me my red chucks don't match my miniskirt. It's just that kinda day.
This is what happens when I'm already halfway dressed and Gabriel asks if I can wear the same shoes as him. Which I can, so there.
Wednesday dress. Weston Wear, 27th birthday present from my mama. Will probably add a cardigan both because it's foggy out and because this is probably too much bewb. Shoe ruffles!
This is a Weston Wear dress that my mom bought me for my birthday two (almost three!) years ago.  Ruffle shoes from Ross.
Today's dress. Bought last summer for my brother's rehearsal dinner. Clingy material offset by pattern and cut, I hope. Haven't combed my hair yet so I'm awkwardly trying to hold it up out of the picture.
Bought this last summer for my brother's various wedding social events. It's very comfortable.
If you find a good dress, it's worth the money. Bought this two years ago for ~ $100 and it's been worth every penny. Weston Wear.
Impulse-bought this right before BlogHer....'09 I believe?  Still a favorite.
I bought this Ella Moss dress in 2009 and it's still a fave.
This is another dress that I bought in the summer of 2009.
How much of my outfit can I fit in a square? Charles Tyrwhitt cardigan, Cynthia Rowley shirt (Marshall's), garnet necklace, amethyst ring, GAP skinny jeans, black flats, messy hair. For some of that you'll just have to take my word.
A random purple-toned top-half outfit.
I got this dress second hand from Crossroads a couple years ago, and I'm in a constant state of trying to decide if it's too short, or too tight on my chestal area, or too little girlish. But I wear it all the time. The shoes I stole from Stella years ago
Me and my freckle mustache. Dress is thrifted, and I actually put it in the donate pile after I wore it this last time.  It's too tight across the chest which makes it hard to zip up.  Shoes are from Target, but I stole them from my friend Stella. Years ago. Freckle mustache is my own.
Saturday Dressing. My favorite part is the back detail.
Dress from Anthropologie. 
Gabriel told my jammies are giving him a headache. Kid's got a point.
Random photo of my jammies! And a leg bruise! Target shorts, Old Navy shirt(s?).  I like to give myself a headache when I lounge.
Cousin's day wedding, yay or nay? It's on sale.
Wore this to my cousin's wedding on Sunday. Max & Cleo, on sale at a local store.
Wearing the wrong bra for this dress, and I simply cannot care. I'll keep my cardigan on. Or else I won't. Free People, bought in the summer 2010.
This dress, which is Free People, I bought in the summer of 2010.  I wore the wrong bra for it today, but quickly found that I didn't care enough to change.  It's a good lightweight summer dress.