16 June 2012

New Coat Closet?

For any of this to make sense, first I need to explain my house a little bit.

First, the second bedroom (Gabriel's room) is a weird addition off the laundry room, which is off of the kitchen.

Second, my house is less than 800 square feet, and it has a hallway.  This hallway has four doors. My bedroom, the kitchen, the bathroom, and the living room all open into this hallway. But! The kitchen and the living room also connect directly (without the use of the hallway).  So basically I live in a wee little house where a large portion of it is taken up by hallway and doors. So many doors.

If I owned my house I'd knock out the hallway entirely and have a nice big kitchen.  I rent, so I decided pretty quickly after I moved in that I'd just be closing off one of these doors and pretending that it was a wall.  Either the door from the hall to the kitchen or the door from the living room to the hall is unnecessary.  I need one, but not both.  And I need wall space.

If you consider the rooms themselves, it makes the most sense to close off the door in the kitchen, as that would allow me to have a table larger than a postage stamp.  But because Gabriel's room is off of the kitchen, and because I feel like little kids need direct access to bathrooms and their parents' bedrooms in case of middle-of-the-night emergencies, I felt like this would cut Gabriel off too much from the rest of the house.

Then I got a new couch, and I couldn't keep my old couch and my new couch without closing the living room door, and I'm emotionally attached to my old couch, so that made that decision for me.


So now I have a much more spacious living room, where more than two people can sit. AT THE SAME TIME.

And I just had a weird hallway end that I wasn't using.

The other day my mom was over, and asked my why I didn't turn it into a closet.

Why not indeed?

Coat Closet?

That's my bathroom door on the left. Immediately to the right is the door to the kitchen, I'm standing in my bedroom doorway.

And I have a coat closet.

Now I just need to find someone to build me a set of shelves, and my life will be complete.

Coat Closet?