26 January 2012

Gabriel, Six

Dear Gabriel,

It's your sixth birthday!  I know every parent everywhere wonders at this, but how did you get so big, so fast?

I can't believe all the new things that happened this year.

You learned how to ride a bike.


You lost your first (and second, and third) tooth.

Gabriel, 12/22/11

You started kindergarten.

I like School

You had your first Little League season.

Little League Day Giants Game

You started to read.

You spent your first summer at your dad's.

You went to Disneyland.

Add to that our two moves and the way I totally spun our lives upside down and backwards by going back to school.

You've handled it all so well.

You're this incredibly smart, radiant person.

Dancing Kids

You think things through carefully.


You are a delight.


I can't wait to see what six is like.

I love you,

Have the best day.

Gabriel and Camille

Camille and Gabriel


Christmas Eve with his dad

21 January 2012



My brother Daniel is 15 today.

He's pretty great.

I think it's time for cake soon.


01 January 2012

2012 Resolution Remix

For 2012, I'm re-resolving my 2008 resolutions.

I seem to have lost sight of what matters.
  1. Have more sex.
  2. Make morally unambiguous choices.
My feelings about moral ambiguity are as before.  Try not to do the wrong thing, obviously, but when I do, I like to know what I'm doing and own it.