07 November 2011


Daylight Savings Time fills me with rage. 
First, in the spring, I suddenly have to start waking up in the dark and I lost an hour of sleep and my day is almost over for no reason and my kid is still awake at 10pm and WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE?
Then, in the fall, enter the 25 hour day.  25 hours is too long.  You know who doesn't sleep an extra hour when DST ends?  Children.  Fuck that, man.  And then the MONDAY after the SUNDAY that DST ends is the WORST MOST ENDLESS DAY IN ALL OF THE WORLD.  As I'm typing this it is NOT EVEN SEVEN O'CLOCK YET AND I AM PROBABLY GOING TO DIE OF IT.
Cone of Shame
A couple weeks ago my cat, Flick the Destroyer, came down with a case of Necrotic Ass Wound.  He had to get six staples in his rear haunch area, and wear a plastic cone for ten days.

He spend a lot of time running head first into walls in an attempt to knock the cone backwards off his head, and a lot more time just generally looking ridiculous.
Also: constant meowing to go outside, constant spilling of food and litter, generally unclean appearance.  He is all destapled and deconed now, so we're back to normal, and he's quite pleased with his rediscovered freedoms. 
I am not very pleased with his vet bill.
Cone of Shame

I went to the USC/Stanford game with Julia a couple weeks ago.
USC Game
It was ridiculously good fun, even though USC lost in triple overtime, I never managed to get undrunk enough to find Heather, and I'm bad at self portraiture. 
We stayed with Briya.  She remains awesome.
At that game, four different people told me that I have pretty eyes, which is the kind of complement I get from anonymous internet people but almost never in real life, so that was nice and ego-stroking. 
My ego likes to be stroked.

Oh! Here's something I learned while I was drunk at the football game! 
If your bathroom stall doesn't have a lock, you can shove a toilet seat cover (or toilet paper, presumably), into the little latch, and it will stay closed while you pee! 
You don't have to do that awkward one-legged squat thingie! 
Julia taught me this important lesson.
Maybe everyone else already knew it.
But in case you didn't!
Toilet Paper Trick

I got a job! 
I mean, after I graduate, this summer, I have an offer for a job.
So it's not like I have an income NOW.
But I have a promise of having an income.

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