10 November 2011

Purse Distractions

I seem to spend a fair amount of time sitting around waiting for things/people/events.  Which would be fine at home and pantsless, but out in the world, I am easily bored.
Luckily, I am a lady of many devices. Listed in order of least to most adult-looking.

I find that video games strike the best balance between engrossing and not ruined by the white noise hum of The Vast Unwashed.  I have a 3DS (which I love), but most of the actual 3D games require some sort of physical movement of the screen/reorientation to move within the virtual world.  Which is fun! But it's not fun if you wish to avoid interaction.  So I generally play my regular DS games out in public.  My favorites are the various and sundry Professor Layton games, and Plants vs Zombies (which we have for DS per Gabriel's request). 
Now the problem with video games, even if you're not twisting around in your seat to shoot the guy behind you, is that the playing thereof does not exactly portray you as a grownup. 

When I feel like video games would call too much attention to my childlike mind, I will either play on my phone or my iPod Touch.  Why do I have both, you ask?  Because the iPod touch came free with my computer, and the phone works for actually calling people and using the internet.  They fill the same role in the games department, so it's really just a matter of which one I find first when I fumble through my purse.  Favorites are sudoku and various word game incarnations (WWF, Wordfeud, Scramble), for I am a nerd. I have a couple for Gabriel on the iPod Touch: some balloon game, angry birds, something that's like angry birds except with zombies. 
But! When I feel like messing with a phone seems childish....

Books!! Remember books?  Boy are they handy.  You can just....pull them out and READ them.  Easy Peasy.
The PROBLEM, of course, is that my favorite books are of the Young Adult variety, which again, with the childish.  Which brings us to the best distraction device of all....

I have a kindle, one of the slightly older ones (it's white).  And y'know what? I can read whatever I want and no one knows.  Plus I look all shmancy and sophisticated while I'm waiting to meet some professional-type for lunch or whatever. 
Winner, winner chicken dinner.

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