14 November 2011

Horrifying Nightmare Things

A couple months ago, my mom stopped by my house because she was in town. I was doing schoolwork, so my she offered to take Gabriel with her while she went downtown and ran a couple errands. This was great, as it allowed me to get some work done without the constant chatter of a 5-year-old.
A few hours later, Gabriel came bursting through my front door.
"Mom! Mom! Look what I grandma gave me! She said I could keep it! For myself!"
He had....this:
"I'm going to put it by my bed! Aren't I lucky??"
I stared at my mom, who had come in after.
"Don't look at me, you're the one with the child who wanted it."
"Why do you HAVE it?"
"It was under some stuff in the office"*
"....Great....it was hiding out, waiting for him."
This thing is standing by Gabriel's bed now.
So good luck getting me to check on you, ever, child.
That shit is creepy.
He loves it.
Last week, my mom was helping my grandma rearrange and tidy so that she could get her carpet replaced. Gabriel and I came over to help with the computer.
My grandma gave him this weird, stuffed M&M-ish thing.
On Friday, Gabriel declared that he was going to 'make a project'.
He cut the legs off of a pair of discarded tights.
He cut the hands off of this little round stuffed thing.
He borrowed some thread and some tape.
Nightmare, II
"Don't you love it mom? I made it for you! Isn't it cute? Touch it! I want you to like it!"
I don't know what kind of monster I'm raising, but this is...this is no good.
*My grandpa's office is attached to a vacant retail building downtown, unoccupied since the 1989 earthquake left it yellow-tagged. My grandpa stored all kinds of weird stuff there: art, restaurant equipment, a motorcycle. My mom has slowly been clearing it out.

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