04 September 2011

Flick Dramz

So. Last Thursday, not the Thursday that just happened, but the one over a week ago, Flick didn't come inside before I locked up/went to bed. At our new house, he's indoor/outdoor, and this is not unheard of.  He usually comes in at night, but sometimes he's nowhere to be found, and he'll come scritch and meow juuuuuust as I'm falling asleep, because he's a jerk.  Or he'll stay out all night covorting with the alley cats.  Whatever.
Anyhow, a week and a half ago, he didn't come in, and then I didn't see him Friday.
Or Saturday.
And that is officially Too Long.
Saturday morning I called the lost animal hotline for county animal services.  None of the cats they listed matched Flick's description (which I think is is pretty distinctive - white with a black tail and grey on top of his head), but I figured, hey, we'll go check too.
So we checked, no cat.
They hadn't found a DEAD cat matching that description either, which was hopeful.
Gabriel was sad.
I posted a Craigslist ad with a photo and some info. 
I got a call from a very nice woman who thought she'd seen my cat; and she lived in my neighborhood, so that's probably true.
I also got a emails from several different people who hadn't seen Flick, but were nevertheless concerned, and would I like help walking the neighborhood to look for him?
Monday a different person responded to my ad saying that she'd seen my cat, also in my neighborhood.
Tuesday nothing.
Wednesday nothing.
Middle of Thursday night (Friday morning?), yowling at my backdoor, and in walks Flick like it's no big thing.  I was just out, man, what's your deal? GIVE ME SOME SPACE WOMAN JAYZUS.
So we have him back.
Hunting Gabriel and trying to sleep on my face and all that good stuff.
It was a pretty sad week, with a happy ending.
Getting that jerk a microchip, stat.

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