21 September 2011

Working on My Self Confidence

In January of 2005, I went back to school to earn my Master’s in Library and Information Science.
In January of 2006, just two days after the start of my third semester in graduate school, I had my son.
In December of 2006, two years after the start of my studies, I successfully completed my program and earned my graduate degree.
I figure, if I could do this with a squalling, colicky infant, if I could do this on four hours of sleep a night, if I could do this far from the support of my family and friends, if I could do this then?
I can certainly do this now.
Grad school v2.0?
No. Problem.
That's what I want to tell people when they ask me how I can do it.

05 September 2011

Hey, I'm 29?

On my birthday, last year:
On my birthday, this year:
Life's pretty good.
I hope it's even better by the time I'm 30.

04 September 2011

Flick Dramz

So. Last Thursday, not the Thursday that just happened, but the one over a week ago, Flick didn't come inside before I locked up/went to bed. At our new house, he's indoor/outdoor, and this is not unheard of.  He usually comes in at night, but sometimes he's nowhere to be found, and he'll come scritch and meow juuuuuust as I'm falling asleep, because he's a jerk.  Or he'll stay out all night covorting with the alley cats.  Whatever.
Anyhow, a week and a half ago, he didn't come in, and then I didn't see him Friday.
Or Saturday.
And that is officially Too Long.
Saturday morning I called the lost animal hotline for county animal services.  None of the cats they listed matched Flick's description (which I think is is pretty distinctive - white with a black tail and grey on top of his head), but I figured, hey, we'll go check too.
So we checked, no cat.
They hadn't found a DEAD cat matching that description either, which was hopeful.
Gabriel was sad.
I posted a Craigslist ad with a photo and some info. 
I got a call from a very nice woman who thought she'd seen my cat; and she lived in my neighborhood, so that's probably true.
I also got a emails from several different people who hadn't seen Flick, but were nevertheless concerned, and would I like help walking the neighborhood to look for him?
Monday a different person responded to my ad saying that she'd seen my cat, also in my neighborhood.
Tuesday nothing.
Wednesday nothing.
Middle of Thursday night (Friday morning?), yowling at my backdoor, and in walks Flick like it's no big thing.  I was just out, man, what's your deal? GIVE ME SOME SPACE WOMAN JAYZUS.
So we have him back.
Hunting Gabriel and trying to sleep on my face and all that good stuff.
It was a pretty sad week, with a happy ending.
Getting that jerk a microchip, stat.

01 September 2011

School Lunches

I'm going to talk about the lunches I make for Gabriel, as pictured in my last post, and also here.
I was inspired by my friend MarĂ­a's Bento Blog, which chronicles the lunches she makes for her girls.  I did some speedy Amazon research last Friday, and went through and ordered what I thought would work best for us.
Lunch 9/1
None of these are affiliate links, not because I'm opposed, but because the state of California passed some law and now Amazon doesn't do affiliate links with CA residents. 
Gabriel's very picky, so there's not all that much variation on the actual lunch ingredients.
I find I can do all of this the night before and have the entire lunch assembled in the fridge for an easier morning.
Stainless Steel Vegetable Cutters, $5.74
I got these because of the various vegetable cutters, they were the cheapest, with the best reviews, and prime shipping. They work really well on melons and cheese. I haven't tried them on veggies yet.  They are VERY satisfying to firmly punch through a melon slice.  Bam! Melon Flower! Bam! Melon Flower!
Lunch 9/1
EasyLunchboxes Bento Lunchbox Container 4-pack, $13.95
Picked these because they were inexpensive and of the right dimensions to fit into Gabriel's insulated lunch bag. Honestly they don't have a great seal and I'm not that happy with them in that respect, although I love the concept. I'd like to find something that has a more tupperwarish feel to it when I open/close it.
Trudeau Fusion Cocktail Picks, $7.20
These are slightly spendy, especially when you consider that they're really just glorified toothpicks, but Gabriel LOVES them. He loves eating with toothpicks, now that I think about it. I like to spear salami with them.
Lunch 9/2
Sandwich Crust Cutters, set of 3, $11.99
These were definitely a few dollars cheaper last week. Actually, now that I think of it, I think EVERYTHING on my list was a few dollars cheaper last week. Anyhow, I bought them for the dinosaur one, cuz crust cutters tend to come in girl shapes. These ones are good because you still end up with the bulk of the sandwich. The hearts are a little wonky. Gabriel likes all three, but he likes the dolphins best. I'm not sure if this would work on anything besides a peanut butter sandwich (maybe tuna?), but for that it works quite well.
Animal Fork Picks, $4.45
Got these purely for the adorable factor. Our pack came with pink giraffes instead of pink monkeys, which is a shame because Gabriel doesn't really do pink, and I think the giraffe is one of the best ones. I stab them into his fruit, and he uses them as teensy little forks. You get something like 15 in the package, so I usually give him three.
Lunch 9/2
Silicone Baking Muffins, $7.99
I got these particular ones because of price/quantity factors, but they come in many fun colors and shapes (hearts! squares! triangles!). Good for further partitioning of the lunch box, plus I try not to use plastic bags, so I use these instead.
Lunch 9/1