29 August 2011

Pre-Birthday Birthday Wishlist

Things I've been wanting, lately.
No particular order.
Serger, $200 or something expensive. But sergers are expensive!

One of those fancy coffee things my friends seem to like so much, like $140 or something.

Because knit lingerie is 1000% practical, $20ish

I'm desperate for a nice kettle that doesn't whistle.  Kettle whistles drive me crazy. $60?

Best Show Ever, complete series, $35

Cute and small enough to seem doable even when I'm busy, $8.40!

The Best Pens (for coloring) in the Whole World, $17.50 I think.

This has to do with my dream of learning to sew with knits, someday, $10ish

I lost mine. $12 and totally justifiably so.

Extravagant and pretty sheets, $150

This dress has a fancy pretty back, and I love fancy pretty backs on my dresses. $128

I need this for a permanent Halloween Costume. $200

Pretty, and it happens to match my things. $17

Ziggy Stardust Necklace! $25?

Pinwheel Earrings, $25

Cutest. Ever. $100ish

Paper Airplane Necklace, $35

Aviary Brooch, $20

Salt Cellar and Spoon, $30

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