31 August 2011


You can't stop time.
You can't stop them from growing up.
Before you know it, kindergarten!
Kindergarten with a kid who's so excited he jumps awake.
Kindergarten First Day
Makes a special sign to keep in his backpack.
I like School
Kindergarten with a kid who expressly forbids you to bring your camera to the school, who hustles you out the door and wiggles away from your goodbye kiss.
Kindergarten First Day
But, you can still make a fancy lunch.
How long do I have before fancy lunches are banned too? Another year?
Kindergarten....time really does fly.
Kindergarten First Day
Kindergarten First Day
Kindergarten First Day

02 August 2011

It's World Breastfeeding Week you say?

I have exactly one thing to say about that, and I find it's best communicated via pictures, as it's said they speak a thousand words: