28 June 2011

Updates, Late June Edition

I am still in school.  So that's something.
I haven't gotten any official grades yet, but I'm pretty sure I'm getting A's in my first two classes.
I started my third class on Monday.  And I'm writing this from there, because damn. I cannot focus in this class.  But it's also open book. 

Gabriel's still at his dad's, still miss him.
I get him back Wednesday night.

My brother Duncan is getting married on Saturday.

I'm moving! Again! At some....point.....yeah.
Because I hate myself, apparently.
I started packing last night.
And Goodwilling.

This, apparently, is the move when I am finally so fed up with my possessions that I start divesting myself of some of my precious, precious books.
The year you finally get rid of your dictionary of phrasal verbs (The Most Practical Reference for Verbal Collocations!) is a sad year indeed.

I fell down the parking garage stairs this morning.  I have a bloody knee, but I did not spill my coffee.

That's.....pretty much it, I guess.
Bloody and moving.

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