15 June 2011

Silver Lining List

Sweet boy is at his dad's for two weeks.
I'll get him back for my brother's wedding, then he'll be gone for two weeks again, then I'll get him back for a weekend, then gone, then I finally get him back at the very end of July.
Of course he's never been away from me for longer than a week or so, and this all makes me terribly sad.
I like the kid, and I already miss him.

To trick myself, I've made a Silver Lining List, of things to look forward to to keep from being sad:
-I won't have to cook dinner when I don't feel like it.
-Laundry will be halved (his clothes are smaller, but he goes through more of them).
-I can use his absence to do really well in school, pack for my upcoming move, get rid of some of his broken toys and too-small clothes, etc.
-I can wake up later in the mornings.
-I can sleep naked.
-I can cuss however much I want.
-I can watch R-rated movies.

What else?
I need a heck of a lot of things, to bolster my spirits and dull the pain a bit.

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