22 June 2011

My Six Most Hated Baseball Teams

In order of, well, most-hatedness.  But starting with the MOST Most Hated, and working downwards to just regular hated.  I know these things are supposed to build up backwards from least-most hated to most-most hated, or something, but I'm not really good at....life.  Or living it.
These are teams that I actively hope lose their games, even when it has absolutely no effect on The Giants.

1.  The Angels.  I know, I know.  As a diehard Giants fan, you probably expect my MOST most hated team to be The Dodgers, right?
For one thing, I have it on good authority that we will never, ever have to lose a world series to the Dodgers.  Also, they are actually located IN Los Angeles, as their name implies.  Also, they have never, to my knowledge, unified themselves behind a rally monkey.  Also, motherfucking American League with your motherfucking pussy designated hitter.  The Angels are just....ooh.  I just hate them. 

That said!

2.  The Dodgers.  Because, c'mon.  I'm a Giants fan.  We've been over this, guys.

3.  The Braves.  Remember in 1993, when the Braves were inexplicably a part of the National League West and there wasn't a wild card and how even though we won 103 games, the Braves won 104?  Cuz I remember that.  Fucking motherfucking Braves.

4.  The Yankees.  Yankees fans are douchebags.  And that's all I have to say about that.

5.  The Rockies.  Humidor, Dinger the Most Obnoxious Mascot in the Whole World of Mascots. Rockies. 

6.  The Padres.  Oh it's cool, we'll only give up like, one hit, at all, the entire game, and still manage to lose the entire thing.  As you do.  When you play The Padres.

Almost included optional number 7: The Phillies.  I don't like them the same way I don't like The Yankees, but with less gusto.
Other than that?
Meh, whatever.

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