28 June 2011

Updates, Late June Edition

I am still in school.  So that's something.
I haven't gotten any official grades yet, but I'm pretty sure I'm getting A's in my first two classes.
I started my third class on Monday.  And I'm writing this from there, because damn. I cannot focus in this class.  But it's also open book. 

Gabriel's still at his dad's, still miss him.
I get him back Wednesday night.

My brother Duncan is getting married on Saturday.

I'm moving! Again! At some....point.....yeah.
Because I hate myself, apparently.
I started packing last night.
And Goodwilling.

This, apparently, is the move when I am finally so fed up with my possessions that I start divesting myself of some of my precious, precious books.
The year you finally get rid of your dictionary of phrasal verbs (The Most Practical Reference for Verbal Collocations!) is a sad year indeed.

I fell down the parking garage stairs this morning.  I have a bloody knee, but I did not spill my coffee.

That's.....pretty much it, I guess.
Bloody and moving.

22 June 2011

My Six Most Hated Baseball Teams

In order of, well, most-hatedness.  But starting with the MOST Most Hated, and working downwards to just regular hated.  I know these things are supposed to build up backwards from least-most hated to most-most hated, or something, but I'm not really good at....life.  Or living it.
These are teams that I actively hope lose their games, even when it has absolutely no effect on The Giants.

1.  The Angels.  I know, I know.  As a diehard Giants fan, you probably expect my MOST most hated team to be The Dodgers, right?
For one thing, I have it on good authority that we will never, ever have to lose a world series to the Dodgers.  Also, they are actually located IN Los Angeles, as their name implies.  Also, they have never, to my knowledge, unified themselves behind a rally monkey.  Also, motherfucking American League with your motherfucking pussy designated hitter.  The Angels are just....ooh.  I just hate them. 

That said!

2.  The Dodgers.  Because, c'mon.  I'm a Giants fan.  We've been over this, guys.

3.  The Braves.  Remember in 1993, when the Braves were inexplicably a part of the National League West and there wasn't a wild card and how even though we won 103 games, the Braves won 104?  Cuz I remember that.  Fucking motherfucking Braves.

4.  The Yankees.  Yankees fans are douchebags.  And that's all I have to say about that.

5.  The Rockies.  Humidor, Dinger the Most Obnoxious Mascot in the Whole World of Mascots. Rockies. 

6.  The Padres.  Oh it's cool, we'll only give up like, one hit, at all, the entire game, and still manage to lose the entire thing.  As you do.  When you play The Padres.

Almost included optional number 7: The Phillies.  I don't like them the same way I don't like The Yankees, but with less gusto.
Other than that?
Meh, whatever.

15 June 2011

Silver Lining List

Sweet boy is at his dad's for two weeks.
I'll get him back for my brother's wedding, then he'll be gone for two weeks again, then I'll get him back for a weekend, then gone, then I finally get him back at the very end of July.
Of course he's never been away from me for longer than a week or so, and this all makes me terribly sad.
I like the kid, and I already miss him.

To trick myself, I've made a Silver Lining List, of things to look forward to to keep from being sad:
-I won't have to cook dinner when I don't feel like it.
-Laundry will be halved (his clothes are smaller, but he goes through more of them).
-I can use his absence to do really well in school, pack for my upcoming move, get rid of some of his broken toys and too-small clothes, etc.
-I can wake up later in the mornings.
-I can sleep naked.
-I can cuss however much I want.
-I can watch R-rated movies.

What else?
I need a heck of a lot of things, to bolster my spirits and dull the pain a bit.

13 June 2011

Gabriel's First Giants Game

It was Little League Day, hence his Cardinals uniform.
It was so much fun, and Gabriel was 100% good and interested and actually following the game, which, I mean, he's five, and baseball can be hard to follow when you're five.
Also, it didn't rain, which was an extra special bonus.
Little League Day Giants Game
Little League Day Giants Game
Self-Portrait #fail
Little League Day Giants Game
Little League Day Giants Game

09 June 2011

Friendships Across Oceans

Thank you to Yahoo! Mail for sponsoring this post about staying connected. I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective, which endorses Blog With Integrity, as I do.
I have this friend, and seriously, I don't know how to describe how simply lovely she is. I like to do with emphatic hand waving and gestures, but you can't see me, so just imagine the nonverbal bits, okay?
I have this friend, her name is Emma.
I met her in college.
She spent a year abroad in Santa Barbara, I spent four years domestically in that self-same city. Happily, her year in that lovely paradise coincided with one of mine. We did all of the usual debaucherous things one does in college, complete with pink box wine and poor life choices.
Then Emma went back to Scotland, and we missed each other terribly.
Later, I visited her in Scotland. We went to a haunted castle, saw a strange and creepy statue of Mel Gibson, and experimented with different whiskeys.
We thought about seeing each other when I was visiting my brother in Chile and she was traveling through South America, but we didn't. That was mainly my fault. I can be quite lame.
Lucky for me, Emma was living my dream life and traveling the world, so she did eventually make it up to Chico to visit me and rub my pregnant belly. We ate too much and gossiped about everything and it was like not a day had passed since the last time I had seen her.
Then, like a dream she was gone.
We kept in touch through The Magic of Technology.
She visited me again a year and a half later, and met my sweet baby, and went shoe shopping with me, and I think I accidentally stole a crib sheet from Potter Barn Kids. The details are fuzzy on that one. Emma accompanied me on the one and only trip I've ever made to the Monterey Bay Aquarium with Gabriel.
And that's it.
That's the last I've seen of my dear, sweet Emma girl. I tried to get her out here for a wedding a couple years ago. I whine at her occasionally. I beg her, even. Come visit me, Emma!
These days she's in Australia, which is awfully far from me, and she seems to be WORKING ENDLESSLY, like she's a proper grownup with a proper grownup job, or something.
I would give at least 40% of my soul to go visit her, but with expensive grad school tuitions and kindergarteners and stupid grownup responsibilities, this seems....unlikely, at best.

Last week, in the midst of drowning in grad school and papers and remembering how to be a student, I got an email that has me smiling around the clock.

Emma wants to know, am I available in January of 2012?
Emma wants to know, can she come and visit me?
Emma wants to know, should she buy her airplane ticket?


Emma is coming to visit.

Emma, who hasn't seen Gabriel since he was a floofle headed diaper butt.

Emma, who has seen me through being 19 and stupid, 21 and stupid, 22 and stupid....oh wait. You get the idea.
Emma, who next winter will get the joy of seeing me at 29 and stupid, because at this point it's safe to say that we have a theme.

Emma is coming to visit, and I just couldn't be happier.

I love you babygirl.
Even though you might make Gabriel cry.