19 May 2011

I'm still here but only barely

I have two more weeks of spring semester.
Which is funny, because NEXT week I start grad school.
That two week overlap?
It's going to be AWESOME.
I have to get Bs in these four classes or else I'm going to be unceremoniously booted from grad school, my life as I know it will be over, and I'll have no choice but to wander into the sea and promptly drown.
I've figured out that it is mathematically impossible for me to get anything lower than a B in two of my four classes.
Which is good.
It is mathematically POSSIBLE that I get lower than a B in one of the remaining two classes, but I don't THINK I will.  Also, my instructor is 100% aware of the Drowning in the Sea scenario, and I am fairly certain that as long as I make an honest effort he will make sure that I get a B, at least.
He thinks I'll be a great CPA.
My final class is my statistics class, which I'm taking from ANOTHER school, because it was the only way, and um...my final is 45% of my grade, and proctored/closed book, whereas all the homework and the midterm were online/open book.
And 45% is sizable. 
If I get lower than a B in statistics, I don't know what I'm going to do, beyond weeping in a corner that is.
Here's a funny story, by the way:  had I gotten a B or better in the calculus class I took my freshman year in college, I wouldn't have to take this statistics class.  I got a B-, because I didn't take the final, because I determined that, with the highest grade in the class and the final not being worth all that much, I couldn't get lower than a B-, and I was never going to take my math classes any further anyways!  I was only taking this calculus class to get my mother to stop nagging me about how calculus makes the world beautiful!
So I spent the last 3 or 4 weeks of that fateful spring quarter loafing around and sleeping in and not going to calculus.
At the time it seemed trivial.
Now it seems idiotic.
Take your finals!

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