12 May 2011

Email that Changed My Life

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On March 30 of this year, I got to work early as usual, arranged myself as usual, blustered through opening duties as usual. I powered up my computer, started up my various database programs, opened my calendar, opened my email. Then I went about the business of checking voicemails, recording who was sick, who would be late. I chatted with my boss, refilled my water, bought myself a cup of coffee downstairs.
At 8:00am I took the phones off of after hours voicemail, sat down, and looked at my desktop for the first time.
It wasn’t the first email in my queue, but I saw it right away. I’d had my interview, and had been nervously keeping an eye out for something from what I hoped would be my future grad school.
I saw it right away.
The sender: the MS Accountancy program coordinator.
The subject: Congratulations!

“Congratulations! You have been recommended for admission to the 2011-2012 Master of Science in Accountancy (MSA) program…”


I have never been so happy to read those words in all of my life.

That email changed everything.
That single email.
I forwarded it to everyone I could think of, my friends, my boyfriend, my sister, my mom.
I posted a portion of it on my blog.
That day, I gave notice at work.
I changed my life.
That email, waiting in my inbox when I sat down at 8:00am on a Wednesday morning, completely changed my life.
I start school in exactly two weeks.
I could not be happier.

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