23 May 2011

Gabey, Lately

Of note: that first picture has his dad convinced that I'm damaging our son, colorforms still exist, baseball is awesome and full of trophies.
I miss you, internet.
Dinner Party

22 May 2011

I can't. Again?

My mom told me today that I need to move by August 1st.
There are some things.
This was always a temporary move, to give me some time with low rent while I focused on school. 
She was always planning on selling the apartment.
And that's fine.
I knew that.
But I was hoping to be able to stay put for a little bit longer.
I was hoping for a year.
I hate moving.
I've only just started to feel settled.
I'm pretty sure I used up all my moving goodwill back in February. 
I'm starting to feel like this.
And I'm really bad at moving.

19 May 2011

I'm still here but only barely

I have two more weeks of spring semester.
Which is funny, because NEXT week I start grad school.
That two week overlap?
It's going to be AWESOME.
I have to get Bs in these four classes or else I'm going to be unceremoniously booted from grad school, my life as I know it will be over, and I'll have no choice but to wander into the sea and promptly drown.
I've figured out that it is mathematically impossible for me to get anything lower than a B in two of my four classes.
Which is good.
It is mathematically POSSIBLE that I get lower than a B in one of the remaining two classes, but I don't THINK I will.  Also, my instructor is 100% aware of the Drowning in the Sea scenario, and I am fairly certain that as long as I make an honest effort he will make sure that I get a B, at least.
He thinks I'll be a great CPA.
My final class is my statistics class, which I'm taking from ANOTHER school, because it was the only way, and um...my final is 45% of my grade, and proctored/closed book, whereas all the homework and the midterm were online/open book.
And 45% is sizable. 
If I get lower than a B in statistics, I don't know what I'm going to do, beyond weeping in a corner that is.
Here's a funny story, by the way:  had I gotten a B or better in the calculus class I took my freshman year in college, I wouldn't have to take this statistics class.  I got a B-, because I didn't take the final, because I determined that, with the highest grade in the class and the final not being worth all that much, I couldn't get lower than a B-, and I was never going to take my math classes any further anyways!  I was only taking this calculus class to get my mother to stop nagging me about how calculus makes the world beautiful!
So I spent the last 3 or 4 weeks of that fateful spring quarter loafing around and sleeping in and not going to calculus.
At the time it seemed trivial.
Now it seems idiotic.
Take your finals!

12 May 2011

Email that Changed My Life

Thank you to for sponsoring this post about staying connected. I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective, which endorses Blog With Integrity, as I do.Yahoo! Mail
On March 30 of this year, I got to work early as usual, arranged myself as usual, blustered through opening duties as usual. I powered up my computer, started up my various database programs, opened my calendar, opened my email. Then I went about the business of checking voicemails, recording who was sick, who would be late. I chatted with my boss, refilled my water, bought myself a cup of coffee downstairs.
At 8:00am I took the phones off of after hours voicemail, sat down, and looked at my desktop for the first time.
It wasn’t the first email in my queue, but I saw it right away. I’d had my interview, and had been nervously keeping an eye out for something from what I hoped would be my future grad school.
I saw it right away.
The sender: the MS Accountancy program coordinator.
The subject: Congratulations!

“Congratulations! You have been recommended for admission to the 2011-2012 Master of Science in Accountancy (MSA) program…”


I have never been so happy to read those words in all of my life.

That email changed everything.
That single email.
I forwarded it to everyone I could think of, my friends, my boyfriend, my sister, my mom.
I posted a portion of it on my blog.
That day, I gave notice at work.
I changed my life.
That email, waiting in my inbox when I sat down at 8:00am on a Wednesday morning, completely changed my life.
I start school in exactly two weeks.
I could not be happier.

06 May 2011

Dress Shopping Occasion the Second: Army Prom

I still need something for my brother's wedding
I also need something to wear to a military ball. 
What I've considered from my own closet, and why it's been variously rejected:
I wore this to Vegas in December, and I've rejected it here because I felt like I was having issues all night with my boobs falling out and being uncooperative, and also I'm not sure if it's dressy enough.  Although it does have sequins, and taffeta.
silver and cream dress
I have actually never worn this dress anywhere.  I feel like lots of people hate it, although some love it (and I love it).  The material is such that it requires some kind of lady shaping/smoothing wear, and I don't really ENJOY wearing girdles.  Also I can't decide if it's fabulous or tacky.  Or maybe both.
Black/White Stripes Dress
I wore this dress when I was in Seattle (along with various other times, but most recently in Seattle).  And! My boobs are apparently not as big as they used to be because this was falling OFF on top, in a most unflattering way, and I had to jerry-rig it with safety pins, and I still love it but I need to alter the top a bit before I can wear it again, and there is no way in HELL I'm doing that before this thing.  Also I'm unsure about the dressiness.  Probably not dressy enough.
BCBG criss-crossy LBD
This is my Little! Black! Dress! Concerns: Is it fancy enough? Does it make me look fat? Do I have to wear stomach-sucking-in chonies?  Is it boring?
Despite the look on my face (can I get a hell yeah for awkward family functions?), I actually quite like this dress.  That said, the chestal area is a bit tricky (I might need a new bra, or to take the straps in a bit).  Also I have been told that it makes me look fat.  But! It has pockets.
Red Weston Wear Dress
I positively LOVE this dress.  It is SO flattering and SO comfortable and just wonderful.  I've worn it to a handful of weddings, BlogHer evening festivities, and holiday dinners.  My concerns: The only shoes I really have to go with this are ballet flats, and I think that dresses down the whole look, which brings up the dressiness issue again.  Because, dressiness? Dressy enough?  Molly has me concerned about dressiness.  As does a google image search of military balls.
Red Dress by Laundry
Of the dresses I own, I would say that this one is the MOST likely to be a successful military ball dress.  It seems dressy to me, I've worn it to a wedding, and I think I look nice in it.  I need to buy a new/different strapless bra for this particular neckline, and I probably need to wear my stomach-sucking-in chonies, but...I think it's PROBABLY my best option.  Although.  I dunno.
Alright! Shopping considerations: This thing is in like....a month? I am too old to wear a prom dress or anything that might be appropriate for a QuinceaƱera. Again, I like things that come in at the waist. I'm not really big on shiny fabrics or garments that require girdles. I don't like not wearing a bra.
Here are some dresses (that I don't own) that I have considered:
Sean Collection Beaded Silk Chiffon Dress, $178

Eliza J Rhinestone Brooch Stretch Taffeta Sheath Dress, $138

Suzi Chin Maggy Boutique Pleated Jersey Dress, $148

Maggy London Sleeveless Stretch Satin Sheath Dress, $118.90 (orig. $178)
 So. What do you think?
What should I wear?
Have you ever been to one of these things?
I have not, so I have no basis of comparison.

05 May 2011

Dress Shopping Occasion the First: My Brother's Wedding

I've come upon two occasions this summer for which I actually don't own something appropriate.  Which is....pretty shocking, if you know me, or my closet habits.
So! First event, is my brother's wedding.
Requirement: Floral with a light background.
I own many, many dresses, but it turns out that I own not a single dress that fits this description.
What I've considered so far:
Adrianna Papell Floral Print Party Dress, $118

Adrianna Papell Print Overlay Dress, $138

Maggy London Stretch Cotton Sheath Dress, $118

Adrianna Papell Print Stretch Cotton Sheath Dress, $118

I prefer styles that come in at the waist, kneeish length but I have short legs so not TOO long, I am hoping to stay under $150.
The wedding is not until July 2, so I have plenty of time.
Thoughts, opinions, suggestions?