12 April 2011

A day late and a dollar short: Where I've been and what for. And stuff.

I found out two weeks ago that I got into grad school.  That was awesome.

Then I went to Seattle.  That was also awesome.  The really lovely people of Nintendo showed off their new and ridiculously awesome 3DS to a group of us.
Y'all. Seriously? Seriously.  I can't even describe how awesome this thing is.  It's so awesome that I can't use a single other adjective besides 'awesome.' Awesome, awesome, awesome.  Full of awe.
In fact, instead of describing how awesome it is?  I've just been keeping mine (that Nintendo so generously gave me) in my purse and forcing people to play it whenever the topic comes up.
Or even when it doesn't.
I am thoroughly convinced and converted and enthused.
This thing is AWESOME.
Because I'm somewhat less than awesome, I only took one picture on my trip:
On the way to Seattle
I'm at the airport in San Jose.
I know you can't tell that's the case, so you'll just have to take my word for it.
I saw so very many of my favorite people, and I ate delicious food, and I had fun, and it was great.
So that happened.
(P.S. Mishelle took some legitimate pictures on the trip, which are like, illustrative of the experience, and stuff)
(P.P.S. Mishelle also took some really awesome pictures of my tattoo, because she is a talented lady)
(Also! Disclosure: My travel was paid for, and I received a Nintendo 3DS.  I was not compensated for my time.  My opinions are my own.  I am a very lucky girl.)

Then I registered Gabriel for kindergarten, because he is five, and he's going to kindergarten.  No, I don't know how that's possible either.

Then I gave notice at my job, because I got into grad school.
That is both exciting and terrifying.
My last day of work is May 6th.

We've been playing T-Ball, because Gabriel is five, and old enough for T-Ball.

My brother James turned 19, even though I really don't think he should be allowed, seeing as he's my baby brother and all.  My mom bought him a suit, at his request.

I went to a concert last Saturday.  Like, with live music and stuff.  My A.D.D. generally keeps me from enjoying live music all that much, with all the standing around and doing nothing combined with the fact that I am now a proper grown up lady and not stoned.
But it turns out if you don't go to shows very often, they're pretty all right.  I felt reminisceful (<-totally a word) of my teenaged punk rock days, and I also felt really, really old.  Especially when the flashy lights started to give me a headache, and I started in with my disapproving thoughts of Kids These Days.
Although? The first band was Bad Religion, and that means a bunch of dudes who are 20 years older than me.  So while I might be old?  They are extremely much older.
Can I get a hell yeah for nostalgia?  First time I saw them I was maybe fifteen, in my Ben Davis and my Chucks and the latest boy's latest band's t-shirt.  This time? I may have been one of the only people there in a cardigan.
Like I said, REALLY OLD.

I sold my BlogHer11 conference pass yesterday.  I can't go, with school and stuff.  Sad.  But I got into school! Happy!  I am a bubbling cauldron of mixed emotion.

What have you been up to?

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