09 March 2011

Try something new, because it probably won't kill you

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You guys, can I tell you something?
I'm a coward.
I don't like to try new things.
Or at least, I don't like to try new things unless I have looked them up and down and sideways and examined all the ins and outs of it and decided that based on my current skill set and/or experiences, I'd be really good at and/or would definitely enjoy it.
That's not really trying something new though, is it?

I do not like trying new things, and I ESPECIALLY do not care for obviously dangerous things.
I don't have a death wish.
I have never understood the people who feel the need to skydive.  I don't need to go plummeting to my death to feel alive, please and thank you.
Samesies with bungie jumping.  Who came up with jumping off a bridge with a rope tied to your foot as a good idea?  And why do people PAY FOR THIS SERVICE?
My life is not so lacking in thrills that I'm going to risk killing myself.


Sometimes you break your own rules.
Sometimes you just can't help but to break your own rules. 
Sometimes there you are, standing on a beach in South Africa, while a man with a scarf and travel goggles fires up what can only be described as a motorized flying tricycle (looking roughly like this), charging low prices for a trip around the coast line.
Sometimes all of your friends are patiently lounging in the sand, drinking wine and playing fetch with a stray dog, while said motorized flying deathtrap with kite wings takes them up and around and safely back again, one at a time.
Sometimes, you sit there, resolved that today is not the day you are going to die, and you listen to each person breathlessly tell you about how magical it is, how now they know what it feels like to be a bird.
Sometimes you dig into your pocket and you find 100 Rand, you solemnly tell yourself that you're not going to die today, but that you will never forgive yourself if you don't fly today.
And sometimes you fly.
So you go for a trip in a tiny winged craft, and it really is magic.
And you're so very glad you did.
South Africa, 2003

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