18 March 2011

The Paleo Diet

My brother Duncan, while eating dinner last night (a dinner which involved beans): You know, the Paleo Diet doesn't allow legumes.

Me: What the fuck is the Paleo Diet?

Duncan:  Oh c'mon, Internet Expert Lady, it's all over "The Blogs." The Paleo Diet?  We should all be hunter-gatherers? It doesn't allow legumes.

Me: No seriously, what are you talking about?

Duncan:  Well first, you fast for 3-7 days.  Every one of these days, you go out with your hunting party trying for a kill, while another contingent of your group gathers any nuts and berries that may be available, in an attempt to stave off malnourishment.  Then, if you manage a kill, you gorge yourself on raw meat, eating as much you can until the maggots appear.  Then you cut away the parts of the animal carcass that are beginning to rot, and continue to eat as much raw meat as you can.  Then you start the cycle over again.
It's the hottest new thing.
Paleo Diet.
I thought you were supposed to know stuff.

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