28 March 2011

Hair Poll

Hair, 12/7/10
Natural Hair Color (currently, more or less)
Sort of not-that-bright reddish (with brownish)
Hair! Fixed!
Red! Go big or go home!
Hair did
Chocolate Brown (with warmer undertones sorta). Hey! That's not you! (You're right, that's Zoeyjane, but we have the same coloring and I'm stealing her pic (source))

EDIT: As extra info, I'm growing my hair out, so length will be of the longer variety.
I am still undecided on what to do about my bangs.
And that is all.
I think.

A SECOND EDIT FOR PEOPLE WHO WANT TO SEE ME BLONDE: In fact I spent what is still the majority of my life as a blonde. My hair was naturally golden all the way up until I had Gabriel, and pregnancy destroyed any last vestiges of blondness and left me with my current somewhat dishwatery color. That said, there are two problems. The first is that I feel that blonde hair with darker roots is the trashiest way to let your hair upkeep go, and I am famously bad at maintaining my hair choices. When you dye red, or even when you just dye darker, it tends to fade as it grows out, making the root line not quite so obvious. The second is that I have an unreasonable bias towards dying my hair blonde, like that makes me a fake somehow. I don't feel that way about OTHER bottle blondes, just about me. I think it has to do with feeling superior for so many years as a California girl with naturally blonde hair. To dye my hair blonde would be to fly in the face of my own judgmental snobbery of decades past.

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