28 February 2011

The Quick Life Update Post

*I am moved.  Tara and Kat are both incredibly good and generous people (and I just noticed that the three of us all have some super awesome dinosaur header thing going on, which I'm pretty sure means that we're all three the Grand Lords of Awesome).   Anyhow!  The three of us rallied our menfolk and got me moved over President's Day weekend. 
When Tara and her husband showed up on that Sunday, I'm pretty sure I was sitting in a pile of junk on my floor, staring at my hands and refusing to pack.  And yet, somehow all of my stuff is here, and not there.
I don't know why I have friends.
Why are people nice to me?
I feel like I have very little to offer by way of friendship or being a good person or anything else.  I think that on Moving! Day! I asked Kat at least three times, "But WHY are you friends with me? Why are you doing this? Why are you nice??"
I'm just lucky I guess.

*I am a full time student.  This is in the evenings, after working full time, in addition to not abandoning my son, of whom I've grown rather fond.
It's junior college, so it's not that the classes are hard, but it's taking up a lot of time.
And it sucks.
And I'm always tired.
And I still have something like 12 more weeks to go.

*I got my mouth operated on last Thursday.  It sucked, and I think I'm part zombie now, or something.

*My mom took my sister and me to Santa Barbara for the weekend.  I wouldn't really want to live there, because it's such a ridiculous place in so many ways, but man, I love Santa Barbara.  It was home for almost five years of my life.  That's where I went to college, and it's where I first struck out on my own, and it's where I first learned to live and run my own life as a Motherfucking Ad*lt.
I go there and I still  know how to get everywhere and I still know the good restaurants and I just love it.
I really do.

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