07 February 2011


MacBook Pro
I named her Imogen
So last week my computer started going seriously wonkified, which sucks, because THIS week I start taking a full load of courses (yes in addition to the working full time and the parenting full time - I'm an idiot, and soon to be overwhelmed).
My mother loves me, and she helped me buy this shiny MacBook Pro.
I love it deeply.
Every computer I've ever owned in my life has been an Apple laptop of some sort (iBook, PowerBook, MacBook, and now MacBook Pro).  So it's not like I'm a new convert to The Cult.  I love it.
I love her.
And I love my mom too, obviously.

Luckily my sister JUST moved, as these are her boxes
I'm moving.
This was decided at the beginning of January. 
I'm moving into my sister's old apartment (my sister bought a house!). 
It's smaller and older and crappier than my apartment.  It doesn't have a washer or a dryer or a dishwasher.  The bedrooms are tiny.  There is no bathroom counter space.  There isn't any storage.  It's bizarrely laid out.  It has a hallway full of wall to wall p0rno mirrors. 
But! It's significantly more affordable when it comes to dollars per month.  So I'm moving.
However, I refuse to be EXCITED about moving, because I hate moving with every fiber of my being, and I'm not even moving somewhere BETTER, so.
I've been in denial for the past month, which is why you may not have heard about it yet, but this weekend I realized that hey! I'm moving in two weeks!  Two weeks during which I will be in school full time and only have the weekends and then I will only have one weekend to move because I'm going out of town the following weekend!
So I got some boxes.
Can we all just agree that moving sucks?

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