21 January 2011

Daniel, 14

Today is my brother Daniel's 14th birthday.  As I mentioned last year, he's the funniest of us all, by a lot.
He might be the funniest person I know.
I've encountered people, over the years, who have listed age difference as a reason that they're not close to their siblings.  And when they list the age difference, it will be something like five years, maybe seven.  I don't think it's the age difference, my friend.  I think it's that you're just not that close to your sibling(s).  Daniel is the youngest of the five of us.  He's fourteen years younger than me.  As of today, he is half my age.  And we are certainly close.  
I think that the two of us are similar in a lot of ways.  In our standoffishness, in our interest in small crafty things (train sets and remote control cars in his case, dollhouses and needle crafts in mine), in our collections of stuff (him: hats, me: knick knacks) in our tendency to angry cry (which is very embarrassing), in our ability to tease our other siblings.
Of course, I can cite the ways in which I am similar and dissimilar to each of siblings, and we are all close.
We are a close family.
My brothers and sister are my best friends.
I like them.
Today, Daniel is 14.
In the fall, he'll be in high school.
I can't believe how old he is, and at the same time I can't believe how young he is.
How can Daniel be 14 already?
How is that Daniel is only 14?

Happy Birthday kiddo.
You're pretty great.
I like you.
(Daniel, ever impossible to photograph)

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