04 January 2011

Assortment of quotes and conversations, either heard or spoken by me

"I'm photogenic because I'm pretty."

"She tattooed his name above her vajay.  Why didn't she just tattoo, 'My daddy didn't love me.'?  It's more words, sure, but ultimately I think it would be a time saver."

"So I guess she doesn't want to kick him out because last time he ended up in a shelter and-"
"-WAIT. She is fucking a homeless? Why is that not the central thesis of your story???"
"I-I dunno. I fucked up I guess."

"Did he really call himself a ladies' man?  That's pretty fucked up, considering I didn't even know he liked ladies until he told me so."

"I guess I hadn't given much thought as to what might happen at my funeral. But I would HOPE it would extend beyond a blind lady telling my son how we 'used to smoke the chronic.'"

"I'm gonna watch The Never Ending Story I and II.  And probably drink alone. I do Friday nights right."

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