28 December 2010

Thing I Made: Knitted Clutch

Knitted Clutch
This is my version of the pleated denim purse in Boutique Knits (<-affiliate link).
I didn't knit it in denim, because I didn't have any (I used Berroco Vintage in cracked pepper, maybe 1/2 a skein (hank, actually)).
Knitted Clutch
Full Disclosure: I have become one of those jeggings people
The pattern (wrongly, in my opinion and as I now know), tells you to stitch the purse together right-side-out.  I followed the instructions, because I'm obedient, and I really wish I had pieced it wrong-side-out, as my instincts were urging me to do.
It really wasn't too difficult to knit.  The pleats at the top were slightly tricky, but only because I read the instructions incorrectly and did them backwards and had to take them out and re-knit them.  Had I been more measure twice, cut once about the whole thing, the pleats would have been easy enough. 
Knitted Clutch
The lining is my favorite bed sheet, which somehow got chewing gum on it (GABRIEL).  I don't have the laundress skills required for gum, so now my sheet is becoming other things.
Like purse lining.
Knitted Clutch
I sewed the lining on my brand! new! sewing! machine!
I love it.
This is the first thing I've officially sewn.
I love it.
(I love it)
The buttons are from my button tin.  Because I couldn't find six matching, I chose six intentionally mismatched yet somewhat coordinating.
Knitted Clutch
The chain handle I bought, I think it was around $4 at the local craft store.  I attached that, and the various charms and such, with jump rings and some flat nosed pliers.
The charms are from my bead box.
Knitted Clutch
Is now a good time to tell you that I have a button tin and a bead box?  I also have a collection of embroidery floss, and another box full of rickrack and trimmings.
Spinsterhood: embrace it.
Knitted Clutch
This took me about two days to complete, probably about 4-5 concentrated hours of crafting.

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