28 December 2010

Thing I Made: Bloomer Shorts

This is the first OFFICIAL THING I've sewn on my New! Sewing! Machine! (I love it).
I used this pattern, which is free, and one of my top sheets, which was also free, if you don't consider buying it in the first place.  I don't use top sheets in my bed making routine, so they just sit stacked in my linen closet.
The pattern also involves ribbon and elastic, both of which I had on hand.
And thread.
I started and finished this project this afternoon, so. One can do that.
It helps that it's been raining all day.
I haven't worked on a sewing machine in over ten years, so I would say the skills needed are minimal.
There are lots of little Laziness Flaws in these (I forgot to finish one of the side seams, for instance), but I don't think it's really horribly apparent.
Maybe it's just not apparent to ME, for I have been drinking wine while I sew.
I think they're cute, and I'm glad I made them.  I wish they were a little bit (maybe an inch or so) longer.
And now I'm worried that wearing these when the same sheets are on my bed will make me some kind of weirdo.
I'm also not sure that they're not a little TOO bloomerish, in a little kid way.  I mean, I know they're bloomers, obviously.  I just hope they don't make me look like a toddler.

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