13 December 2010

Look what I made: hobo mittens

This was my first knitting project that involved a cable needle.  There's a sort of vine pattern going over the back of the hobo mittens (or texting gloves, if you will).  Also?  First time attempting to read and knit to one of those chart thingies. 
And making something with a thumb hole was probably my most complicated venture to date.
I am legitimately adding to my skills here guys.
I will eventually work my way up to actually shaping.
Pattern from Stitch 'N Bitch Nation (which is actually a slightly annoying book, because it's all CUTESY!!!1! But, there are some legitimately good patterns).
The yarn I bought on impulse at Michael's a couple years ago.  It's a soy blend, and I used about a skein and a half.  Very soft and cozy.  By the time I got around to pulling it out and using it a couple weeks ago, I'd lost the labels, or I would try to be more helpful.
Knit in the round and according to instructions.
Hobo Mittens
Hobo Mittens
Hobo Mittens
Hobo Mittens
Hobo Mittens

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