27 December 2010

It's two a.m. and I can't sleep, so here we are.

*Today (technically today) is my grandmother's 84th birthday.  She is still as awesome as ever, so that's pretty great.

*Christmas went well.  Gabriel was OHMYGODSOFLABBERGASTEDAWESOME when he woke up and his dad was there, and it was nice having Gabey for the day so that he could do all of his Exciting! Christmas! Activities! with the other littles.

*I am embracing my spinsterhood.  I figure acceptance is the final stage in the grieving process.  I am officially A Knitter, my cat is nicely settled in, and I have given up on my hair and makeup.  Cheers to me.

*I don't have go to back to work until 1/3, and that is wonderful and lovely.

I guess that's about all.

Merry Christmas!

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