06 December 2010

Day 28 → What if you were pregnant, what would you do?

I won't go into the physically impossible because my sex life sucks aspect of this prompt, because that's boring.

Anyhow, pregnancy? Me?  Your guess is as good as mine insofar as who the father of this hypothetical fetus could possibly be, but:

1.  I'm on a No More Baby's Daddies plan
2.  I can guaran-god-damn-tee that it wouldn't be Gabriel's dad*
3.  It seems enormously unlikely that it would be someone that I wanted to hastily marry


If I were to turn up pregnant, it is really, extremely unlikely that said pregnancy would end with a baby for me, even though eventually (or even right now if my life was a tad different) I totally want more babies.

*I only clarify this point because technically if it WERE, that wouldn't violate my NMBD plan, just to cover all hypotheticals.
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