22 November 2010

Review: Battle of Giants - Dinosaurs Strike

I reviewed Battle of Giants: Dinosaur Strike with my almost 5-year-old son.  Although it's rated E for everyone 10+, Gabriel and I already play our Wii together, so he's got the hand-eye coordination bit down, and after doing a preliminary cruise through the game and graphics myself, I decided that the dinosaur fighting wasn't any kind of violence that I had problems with him viewing (there's neither blood nor gore, just some lightning bolts and dinos getting knocked over).  Because we only have one nunchuk thingie, it turned out that we couldn't play each other at all;  we just took turns.

There are three modes of play: domination, which is one player only, and you beat a series of 9 computer-controlled dinosaurs (think Mike Tyson's Punch Out for Wii (what you don't remember that??)), versus, where you select a dinosaur and play either your friends or the computer in a single battle,  or tournament, where you participate in a tournament of up to 16 characters and try to advance to the next rounds, like a playoff.  All of our testing was playing against the computer, on account of remote situation, but the game supports up to 4 players at once.

When you select your dinosaur to battle, there are initially two dinosaurs to choose from, which you name and customize by color and pattern.  As far as actual game play is concerned, you use the nunchuk to move (top control stick), dodge (Z) and block (C).  You use the Wii Remote to attack, by pressing A and B.  As far as actual playing is concerned, I didn't notice that the controls really did all that much.  I just pressed all the buttons a lot, and that....worked.  I didn't notice that the control stick on the nunchuk really moved me around at all.  My official strategy was one where I pressed A and B repeatedly.  Doing this, I advanced all the way to the end of the domination mode.  Taking that into consideration, this game isn't really for the advanced player.  Gabriel had a lot of fun pounding away at the keys and actually winning rounds when doing so (normally his PRESS ALL THE BUTTONS strategy gets him killed after the first round or so, but in Dinosaurs Strike, he was doing just about as well as me). 

The graphics looked good, and the dinosaurs were nice looking.  The music is not obnoxious at all, and actually well orchestrated.  The voice over is not obnoxious.  I think that this is a really fun fighting game for younger, or less experienced players, or kids just trying out fighting games.  For more advanced gamers, I would probably suggest a game that presented a greater challenge, or that involved a more in depth strategy than PRESS ALL THE BUTTONS.

We had fun, and will continue to play the game beyond the scope of this review.  I would buy this game for Gabriel or my 7-year-old nephew, but would look for something more advanced if shopping for my teenaged brothers.
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