01 November 2010

Preschool. Take Eleventy Four.

Gabriel is in the process of getting kicked out of his second preschool.


I'm scrambling around trying to figure out what to do, not just about where to send my kid so that I can work during the day, but also, what is going on with my kid?

Real-life responses from K.Dot on subject:

1) I ask him if he can call the school to talk to Gabriel and the teachers because Gabriel is spazzing out and blaming it on watching Karate Kid at his dad's and I think it would be useful to have his dad call, to eliminate 'dad's house' as an excuse for anything at all.  Also, the school called me and asked if I could have Gabriel's dad call. They thought it might be helpful.
Him: "You can't blame what happens at my house for your inadequate parenting."
Also, refuses to call school, leaving me in the awesome position of telling them that Gabriel's dad won't call to talk to them.

2) Gabriel is spazzing out at school, I make an appointment with his pediatrician, because what the fuck is going on here?  Call his dad, tell him when the appointment is, ask him if wants to come.
Him: "I know more about child psychology than any pediatrician.  I know that for a fact."

Moving forward with this on my own I guess.
I'm really worried about what might going on with this little kid.  With Preschool The First, there was an Inadequate Teacher factor, but at school two, they all seem quite competent, and they also really like Gabriel.
They don't want to kick him out.
Something's making him act out pretty severely at school, and I don't know what.
He's a good, sweet kid at home.  He has what feels like a normal quantity of epic meltdowns (normal for a 4-year-old), and I'm pretty sure he's not a psychopath.  He's always super excited and giddy about going to his dad's house, so I really doubt anything fishy's going on there.
What's the deal kid?
What are we going to do with you?

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