03 November 2010

Day 20 → Your views on drugs and alcohol

On a do-whatever-you-want level, do whatever you want so long as you aren't harming others.

On a governmental level, stop spending my tax dollars to lock up nonviolent criminals.  Focus on rehabilitative efforts instead please.

On a family level, drug addiction and alcoholism are ugly, ugly things, destroying the human capacity for happiness, and fucking up people and relationships and little kids too.

On a me level, I drink, sometimes I get drunk. I smoke almost never, but not quite never enough for me to say I never smoke, I don't abuse prescriptions beyond the threshold of what I consider to be socially acceptable, and I'm generally too old and already brain-frizzed to try anything weird or go to Burning Man.  I don't get fucked up around my kid because I'm A MOTHERFUCKING ADULT! CLEAN ALL THE THINGS!  I'm perhaps more aware than the average person of what I'm doing and how often and why, because I grew up how I did, and I remember it.
30 Days of Truth

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