22 October 2010


We're putting on our fierce faces, and we'll be okay.
Thank you to sweet Janeen for sending me this picture, which positively brightened my day. 
Gabriel and I had the pleasure of meeting her at Grace's house this past Saturday, for a much needed breather, which featured my very favorites nakedjen, Sarah Dopp, Glennia and Gwendomama as well.
And brownies.
I've temporarily pulled my post from yesterday back into my drafts folder.  Gabe's dad called me last night all sputtering and furious.  And then he tried to convince me that the image I posted said something it didn't, which, weirdly, almost worked.
Anyhow, his thesis statement was (as usual) that I'm overly dramatic and my life is actually quite easy to live, and last night, from my bed, with my phone, I didn't really feel equipped to deal with all of it so I just pulled the thing down for the time being (fixed that).
Are the sponsored posts I've been putting up too obnoxious to live?
Be honest.
They pay me you see, and I'm poor.
But I don't want to drive you batty.
Some practical steps I'm taking to FIX THINGS:
-Going back to 40hrs/week at work (I was at 36.5)
-Changing my federal tax deductions (thanks for that tip Crystal, I'd forgotten about that option)
-Eliminating my voluntary retirement contribution (I know this is stupid, but for today, we have to live)
-Scaling my debt repayment back to the minimums
There is still some monthly shortage, but it's not quite as daunting as the $700 I was originally looking at.
We will be okay.
We are usually okay.

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