10 October 2010

Day 12 → Something you never get compliments on

Like...something I never get complimented for because it would be a lie, or like, something I never get complimented for but I think I'm deserving?

I'll go with the second.
We don't need another list of things I'm bad at.

I'm really good at math and hard sciences.

I'm like....way, significantly more talented in those arenas than I've ever been in writing/English language type stuff. 
I'm not an especially good writer.
I've never spent all that much time focusing on any of math/hard science because it requires actual effort and right answers, as opposed to  a sociology paper, which can be spun entirely out of bullshit and air.
I altogether skipped a year of math in junior high, and another one in high school.
I always got perfect test scores in physics and perfect lab scores in chemistry.
In college, I stopped going to my calculus class after the midterm, because I had the highest grade in the entire class, so even if I failed the final, I couldn't get a grade lower than a B-. I got an A-. 

I didn't take any science classes in college because I was allergic to class, but addicted to good grades.
It's hard to skip labs, but sleeping through an anthropology class is easy.

I'm good at math.
30 Days of Truth

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