07 October 2010

Day 11 → Something people seem to compliment you the most on

I'm leaving the title of this prompt as is, despite my deeply ingrained never end a sentence with a preposition teachings.

Oh I don't know.
I'm not comfortable with compliments.
They don't sit well.
I shy away from them so much that it's hard to tally up, I don't know what I hear the most.
Here we go?

The Superficial:
Nice tits.  I have actually never liked my boobs, and that's extra MORE true since I've had Gabriel.  They only look good when they're all holstered and properly stowed, and I just. No. You're wrong.
Nice ass.  Yeah, well. I'll take that one, I suppose.
Pretty eyes.  I guess you don't know that I think my eyes are weird and squinchly and small.
Good sense of style.  I do love clothes, so I can usually manage to just say thanks for this one.
I don't really want to write this next one out cuz it feels like it violates one of my blogging rules, but, for the sake of honesty and inclusion, and I mean, I'm not saying THIS IS TRUE, I'm just saying it's a compliment I get, from anyone who's had the opportunity to form an opinion, so: I'm good in bed.

The Subficial:
People who know me know that I'm intelligent, but from people who don't know me, or don't know me well, I get a variety of shocked exclamations about the fact that I'm smart, or that I've gone to an awful lot of school, or jayzus woman what is with your freaky memory?  I don't know if these are compliments exactly.  Apparently I exude enough fluffy dumbness that the braincells I'm hiding in this here hat rack of mine aren't wholly expected.
People say I'm a good mom, but 90% of them have never actually seen me parent.   I do go all squooshy inside when I hear this from someone who knows me in 'real life' and within the context of my child.  When my mom told me that I'm a calm parent, it was one of the most soul-lifting compliments I've ever received.
My friends tell me that I'm a good friend.
I've been told that I'm good at seeing all sides of an argument.
I have a good eye (photography).  I accept this one.  I'm not a technically skilled photographer, by any stretch of the imagination, but I can find good pictures to take.
I'm clever with my words (possibly true) and I'm a good writer (certifiably false).
30 Days of Truth

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