20 September 2010

words, meant to accompany some previously posted pictures

*Trip to Denver
I flew to Denver to surprise the lovely Paris, for a SHOCK! AWE! commemoration of her first anniversary of her second wedding to her first husband.  It was perfectamundo, except for the part where one of our friends broke her face with hairline fractures and concussions and stuff.  But all the other parts were really good.  Sneaking into the resort pool and basking with cosmopolitans? Good.  The look on Paris' face when she saw me on Friday night? Good.  JalepeƱo poppers? Good.  Hayley wearing a blanket to breakfast (pants-free)? Excellent.

*County Fair
I took Gabriel to the fair on Wednesday and then again on Friday.  Both times were awesome.  I love the fair.  Like, really, really love the fair.  It's one of my very most happy places, and we had a great time, and Gabriel came home smelling like hay dust and cinnamon, with his hands ice cream sticky and his knees grass stained and telling me about the ponies and the tractors and the baby cow and the trains and mom mom mom did you see that horse I like that horse that one with spots on its butt.
Take your kids to the fair.
It's magical.

*Out with my sister (whole set here)
Saturday my brother Daniel spent the night at my house because my parents weren't going to be home, so I did what any good older sister would do and I put him to babysitting and went out for a couple hours with Laura and Aurora.  We had a fabulous time doing very, very little.  And took some fab pictures, as is our way.

*The Hunger Games/Catching Fire/Mockingjay (<- affiliate links, y'all)
I'm still in post-trilogy shock, but. I read the entire series this weekend (THANK YOU REN), and ohmygod.
I just.
Without giving anything away, these are post-apocalyptic, depressing young adult novels. And I love them. And you will too.
This is now ranked amongst my favorite young adult trilogies (what like you don't have book lists that get quite that specific? Pfft).

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