16 September 2010

My Uncle Gordon

Gordon Kane
This is my great-uncle Gordon. My mom's dad's older brother.
He had a debilitating stutter. 
As the oldest of six, he bore the brunt of the physical and verbal abuse doled out by his father, my great-grandfather.
So he stuttered.
And he lived alone.

Gordon worked as a pilot in Alaska, flying hunting parties to obscure locations.
In the late spring of 1955, he dropped a party off on an Alaskan island. 
Flying back, there was a storm.  He crashed into the mountainside and died.  It took three weeks to find the hunters he'd dropped off; by that time they were on the verge of death themselves.
My great-aunt Cherry, the youngest of the six kids, kept his two kittens. 
A friend had given him the cats that spring, to keep him company.

My mom wasn't born until 1957, so everything I know about him, I know from his siblings.
And from the picture in my parents' hallway.

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