14 September 2010

Good At

*Describing people I love based on their flaws.
*Pinpointing and detailing exactly why strangers are funny looking.
*Keeping track of irrelevant bits of nonsense.
*Talking my friends into making questionable choices.
*Making questionable choices myself.
*Knocking things over.
*Spilling coffee on my shirt.
*Walking and breathing at the same time.
*Proofreading the work of others.
*Obsessive thought processes.
*Forgetting where I parked my car.
*Losing cell phones.
*Giving the impression of keeping it together.
*Shopping for other people.
*Brushing my teeth.
*Making Angry Eyes.
*Fancy hair-dos.
*Arm wrestling.
*Awkward self-portraiture.
*Cookie dough consumption.
*Note taking.
*Making nonsensical lists.
Et tu?


  1. All of the above (except for spilling/dropping related items and cookie dough - because OCD won't let me, because it will probably kill me, what with the raw eggs and all).

    Also, screaming like I'm in a horror flick at the site of a spider. Even if it's a picture.

  2. Good at? Puhlease. You're lookin at a Professional procrastinator right here.

  3. yeah, I'm pretty much a professional at spilling things on my shirt, misplacing my keys and making lists upon lists on Post-it's that I will find randomly throughout my life when I no longer need them.

  4. I'm good at stealing posts to use for my own purposes. You're also good at making red look good.

  5. I am good at remembering random bits of nonsense and taking a completely random sentence and finding a song to match it.

    I'm also good at singing the wrong words to songs.

  6. Okay, Miss Grace, I am now officially MORE in love with YOUR lists than with MINE. Well done. ;-)