01 September 2010

Diptych - Vestigial

Finally! We are caught up to today.

Vestigial - relating to a body part that has become small and lost its use.

I was trying to take a picture of the little plant nubbies that are thinking about being leaves but never make it that far.
Kellee doesn't have a sense of smell.

Info: Here.
Partner: Kellee.

Next week is behemoth!

Look it up, as we've been using the dictionary to pick our themes.


  1. I really like that! I'm also enjoying our weird themes! Forces us to be a little more creative. I was GOING to try and make it to a market to photograph some brains, because I thought that would be funny since so many people no longer use theirs! I just never made it that far! :)

  2. Holy crap! You guys are awesome with this theme stuff.
    I kind of have a crush on you right now.