24 September 2010

Day 02 → Something you love about yourself.

I have compassion.

I get all inappropriately bloody hearted when people make mistakes.
We're all only human.
Sometimes you do the right thing, and sometimes you want to do the right thing but it sure doesn't seem like there's any way you can and maybe you fucked things up something awful, and sometimes you just go and do the wrong thing even though you know it's the wrong thing.
But that doesn't make you evil.
All anyone can do is their best.
With socio- and psychopaths as the obvious exceptions, I truly believe that everyone is moving forward doing the best they can.  Maybe from the outsider perspective it's clear that mistakes are being made, but what do outsiders know anyways?  It's not like they have to live it.
How can I possibly know what choices I would make if the ball were in my court?  If I were raised by different people in a different time with different expectations, who would I be?

I wrote this in February:
I believe that people are good.
I believe that even when they're doing things that society in general or I personally view as wrong, they think either that they have no choice, or that they're doing the right thing.
I stand by my claim.
People are good.
We're all just doing the best we can with the tools we have.
I'm not saying that all behaviors or choices or actions are good or right or even acceptable, I'm just saying that we need to see why people do the things we do.
We need to educate and rehabilitate, not punish.

I'm compassionate, I guess.
I don't think that people are bad or that humanity is one great big mistake.
And that's good.
I hope.
30 Days of Truth

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