07 September 2010

Birthday Weekend Wrap-Up

I spent Friday night listening to KNBR, and ohmygod to the Giants suffering from crushing defeat at the hands of the Dodgers.
Then I broke out in hives.
Then I went to bed.
Then I woke up at 5am on Saturday morning and I did this.
And I scored exactly what I scored on my practice tests, which. Expected.
I wanted to do better, but 690 is good.
Solid, even.
I'm working on not making my sad face when I tell people my score.
Because the score is GOOD, and my expectations of myself can be ridiculous.
Then I went to the mall to buy myself a birthday shirt because I am OHMYGODSOTIRED of Every.Single.Shirt.I.Own.
I didn't find any shirts.
I bought three pairs of jeans.
Went to Julia's.
Modeled BumpIts.
Lounged in the hot tub.
Chatted with some guys in the hot tub.
Thought they were a gay couple.
As it turned out they were just from the East Coast.
I have trouble with that sometimes.
Collected Leah.
Gathered up Daniel.
Eventually got my hands on Stella too, but only after she made a detour through Hunter's Point, as is her way.
Found out via interwebs that the Giants came from behind to beat the Dodgers.
Happy birthday to me.
Went to some ridiculous club called....oh god, what was it called?
The floating cow?
The master cow?
The something udders?
There was a cow.  
A leopard spotted cow?
The Something Cow
Spotted Something Cow

Bo0b Grab
We are....awesome.
My bewb makes for good holding, I guess.
Got Daniel drunk enough to dance, which, yeah, that's pretty drunk.
Had ridiculous amounts of fun.
Woke up Sunday morning in muchly pain.
Drove back to SC.
Went to lunch with mom and sister.
My mom took me shopping.
Shoes and a dress.
Birthday nap.
Birthday cake.
Birthday Cake
Thank you Adam!

Listened to the Giants beat the Dodgers.
Happy birthday to me.
Birthday outing with a fabulous group of people, including Krishna, Lisa, sister, brother, etc.
Wretched drive.
Listened to the Giants beat the Diamondbacks.
Happy birthday to me.
Child collected.
Home again.
Child sick.
This morning.
Child medicated.
Child at school.
Me at work.
Also sick.


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    I feel like I should give you some shirts now.

    Because you need them, and my closet needs purging. :P